Energy Efficiency Indicators Highlights 2016

本统计报告旨在帮助了解国际能源机构成员国最终能源使用的情况,以便改进和跟踪国家能源效率政策。 它提供了第一次全面的数据选择,国际能源署每年都在收集其成员国在2009承认需要更好地监测能源效率政策之后收集的数据。 该报告包括对全国各大部门最终用途的具体分析:住宅、服务业、工业和运输业。它回答如下问题: -每个国家能源使用趋势的最大驱动力是什么? -节能是因为效率随着时间的推移而不断进步吗? -用于空间加热、电器或烹饪的能量是多少? -什么是能源密集型行业? 提高能源效率是各国政府走向可持续能源系统的关键步骤。本报告强调了最终使用能源数据和指标在监测全世界能源效率方面的关键作用。

This statistical report is designed to help understand what drives final energy use in IEA member countries in order to improve and track national energy efficiency policies. It provides the first comprehensive selection of data that the IEA has been collecting each year after its member states recognised in 2009 the need to better monitor energy efficiency policies.

The report includes country-specific analysis of end uses across the largest sectors – residential, services, industry and transport. It answers questions such as: - What are the largest drivers for energy use trends in each country? - Was energy saved because of efficiency progress over time? - How much energy is used for space heating, appliances or cooking? - What are the most energy-intensive industries? Improving energy efficiency is a critical step for governments to take to move towards a sustainable energy system. This report highlights the key role of end-use energy data and indicators in monitoring progress in energy efficiency around the world.

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